Album Review: Esmé Patterson – We Were Wild

Esmé Patterson is widely known for her vocal role in popular indie-folk group Paper Bird with whom she parted ways back in 2014. Her time away from the band has not been in vain however as these days she can be found concentrating on her solo career and keeping her love of indie-folk music alive.

2016 has seen the release of her latest wonder, We Were Wild which brings her familiar honeyed vocals back to the forefront of your mind. Her mesmerising voice is of course the first thing to hit you as Feel Right begins to play and her charming tones spring to life all around you. Her vocals seem to sit in a perfect niche somewhere between Rosie Thomas, Bearkat and Regina Spektor as sweet and soothing while being powerfully tender and deeply evocative. Patterson has the perfect vocals for winter. As the days get shorter and the nights get darker, Patterson’s voice is like a warming, crackling fire for the mind.

Her accompanying music is perfectly constructed – bracing and bold, it’s a loving amalgamation of folk, indie, rock and pop. Relentless cheerful, Patterson has surrounded herself with a wonderful collection of harmonious melodies and eager keyboard tunes whilst also retaining a sort of rough and ready element within each track. Her album title says it all really – there is something wild and untamed in each and every song. The album has clearly been a labour of love that has been crafted beautifully and carefully over months, perhaps years and yet there is a powerful energy flitting about in each track – as raw as the day it was first written.

We Were Wild is a charming and elegant album that has merged with a rich vein of rock that has been carefully filtered out into each of Patterson’s tracks. The perfect upbeat album for a winter evening.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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