Album Review: Edgelarks – Feather

Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin are the phenomenally talented singer-songwriters behind the critically acclaimed duo Edgelarks. The pair released their 5th studio album Feather just a couple of days ago and like its namesake it has taken off like a bird, soaring to new and beautiful heights.

Feather is an album that despite being lofty and light, has clear roots that tether it to the ground; even a bird must come down to roost. What is most fascinating about their latest album is the pure and natural atmosphere it presents to us. Soft, subtle and occasionally minimalistic Feather has a sound like nature itself – close your eyes and it feels as though you can feel the grass and trees growing around you. But despite this peaceful nature there is something more complex that grows and takes form as it progresses. In this manner the carefully composed collection is like its namesake as the patterns emerge and fan out to create new swatches of colours. This beauty is driven by the soft lullaby nature in which the duo perform, with the pure and earnest vocals of Martin ringing out above their music like a bell.

Henry and Martin are both unquestionably masters of their craft, having each toured the lands in a variety of guises and Henry having studied under the tutelage of slide guitar master Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya in India. Edgelarks takes each of their skillsets and pitches them together to make a considered blend of alternative roots music and traditional folk fiddle. The melodies that the pair combine and produce are truly beautiful and they keep their instrumentals at the core of their work but they also aren’t afraid to meddle with their work, mixing in unexpected beats or a harmonica tune where you’re not expecting one. These little elements that are peppered through their work make for an unpredictable album that carries you through loops, twists and turns like a bird in a slipstream.

Edgelarks are an unquestionably talented pair of musicians and with Feather they have excelled themselves and created something that truly embodies the troubadour nature that they live in their lives. Feather is and album that spends all its time up in the air but always brings you back down to earth at the end.


Fri Jun 07, The Beehive, Honiton

Sat Jun 08, The Acorn Theatre, Penzance

Fri Jun 14, ACE Space, Newbury

Sat Jun 15, Feather Launch Party at West Town Farm, Ide, nr Exeter

Sun Jun 16, Gower Folk Festival, Wales

Thu Jun 20, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich

Fri Jun 21, Saffron Hall, Saffron Walden

Sat Jun 22, Shutlanger Village Hall, Shutlanger, nr Towcester, Northamptonshire

Fri Jul 05, Gigspanner Big Band – New Forest Folk Festival,

Sat Jul 06, Kimpton Folk Festival, Kimpton


Listen to the album and preorder HERE:


Review by Joe Knipe


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