Album Review: Duane Forrest – The Climb

Duane Forrest is a truly remarkable artist who has been able to carefully fuse a wealth of sounds and influences together to form a series of soft acoustic melodies that focus on the chances that we take in order to find love in our lifetime, a message he brings to us with his album The Climb.

Forrest has had the opportunity to live and work in a number of countries around the world and with a stunning aptitude for languages these experiences left him with the ability to work a variety of cultural influences and languages into his music. Forrest has a soft and passionate voice that is caring and filled will affection both for the music he is producing and the messages he is relaying. There are echoes of the likes of Jack Johnson if Johnson had opted to surround himself with jazz instead. Forrest has opted for a careful and sublime musical blend that takes seeds from soul, jazz, bossa nova, folk, acoustic and even Latin music and sows them all together to grow them into a unique and powerful combination that borders on perfection.

The Climb is an album that is jam packed with a collection of soft and relaxing songs that will soothe and assuage you no matter the day you’ve had. Any anger, fear or tension will simply dissipate as the music washes over you. Forrest has an uncanny knack for creating melodies that summon images of white sandy beaches, clear blue skies and glorious sunshine. Soft, tender acoustic melodies are gently propped by the tinkling jazz piano keys and strong but tender bass lines creating a series of songs with a deeply calming influence. Forrest’s tales of love all come together to form an encouraging and heartfelt album that is flooded with positivity, hope and optimism – things that we need now more than ever – and with his unique and beautiful delivery you are simply left awe-struck.

Duane Forrest is a passionate and exemplary musician with a wealth of experiences to draw upon and in The Climb he summons elements from across the globe to tie together and form a tapestry woven of love and belief that is uplifting, soothing and irrevocably catching.





Review by Joe Knipe