Album Review: Deer Tick – Mayonnaise

It has been a little while since the release of 2017s double release of Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2 but the beginning of 2019 see’s Deer Tick come back with a vengeance as their raucous new album Mayonnaise brings about a whole new breed of sound.

As their namesake might suggest there is something about Deer Tick that means you will find them burrowing deeper and deeper into your mind as Mayonnaise progresses. The band have always been an energetic and enigmatic force of nature and their latest foray is absolutely no exception. Mayonnaise opens with Bluesboy – a virulent and almost violent track of discordant organise chaos. It’s loud, it’s brash and it bursts every bubble focussing your attention purely on their sound. At this point the band are closer to alternative rock music than folk but this in itself is merely an act. The band carefully juxtapose songs like Bluesboy against songs like Limp Right Back or Pale Blue Eyes. These soft and light folk collections lift the mood and add to the restless and daring versatility and energy of the group. Their inability to settle down is infectious and as their music creeps over you, you find yourself moving more and more.

Deer Tick have completely bypassed the act of carving themselves a niche on the music scene and simply blown a hole right through it. Their music seems to be fuelled by aggressive guitar tunes and angsty drum beats but then there is tender jazz piano, elegant fiddle work and charming blues brass at work. This is a band who are the musical embodiment of the term ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. Dashes of rock, indies, blues, jazz, folk, country and even ska can be found flecked throughout their work and as this music swirls around you, you cannot help but find yourself listening out for each and every incorporated element like a musical easter egg hunt. Their whirlwind of sound is overlaid with rich, gravelled and impassioned vocals that cut through the music like a hot knife through butter.

Deer Tick are a completely unique band with an insatiable appetite for sound. They take influence from all around the world and bring them together in a clash of sounds that is truly something to be reckoned with. Their music has always been daring but Mayonnaise is a powerful album that veers wildly between soft and assertively powerful like a drunk driving trucker driving your attention in ever increasing lines off to god knows where. This is another release from Deer Tick that takes you on an unfathomable journey and it’s a joy every step of the way.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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