Album Review: Dave McPherson – Dreamoirs

As anyone who grew up with the word of rockers InMe echoing in their head might be able to attest; there is almost a strangeness to hear the diverse shift between Dave’s McPherson’s old work and his current. As Dreamoirs kicks into life however with its opening song Snowball, it is readily apparent that neither Dave nor his music have changed much, he’s simply matured along with his music, which allows him to create something that’s altogether more stimulating and affecting.

His actions as a musician have allowed us to follow him from the height of fame right back down to his troubadour roots, a place where he seems infinitely more comfortable. His work has such a refined and accomplished edge to it as he takes this opportunity to readily display the growing talent he has spent so many years honing. Not simply in his distinctive vocals, but in his stunning lyrics and broad musical talent. Choosing to play every instrument on the album himself Dave is a one-man band to be reckoned with as he effortlessly enfolds his touching lyrics within eager guitar chords, plucky pianos and gentle drumbeats along with a variety of other infrequent instruments, which speak broadly to his developed skills. With seemingly nothing he cannot turn his hand to, the album is completely immersed with a series of beautiful, uplifting melodies that accompany his poetic lyrics perfectly.

There is a surrealistic element to his musings, as they sink in to you as deep as a collection of prose that is held steadily together by a patchwork collection of ambient tunes. You need not make it as far as the soothingly catchy Her Majesty’s Prism to understand that this album is nothing short of a painting of a giant dreamscape, articulated perfectly from the dream-filled head of Dave McPherson. Dreamoirs shades a host of different musical varieties within it as it flutters between acoustic rock, and upbeat folk; elements of everything from InMe to Silverchair flicker up occasionally within his works, rendering them with the warming resonance of a well-known song. Adeptly swathing you in a song that is both familiar and uniquely new, each song being better than the last.

It’s clear that Dave has been busy since his days on festival stages at the tender age of 19; his voice is finely honed along with his music and he truly is a self-made man – a man whose passion is consistently evident – and he is not only capable, but content with leaving us painting our own dreamscapes around his own.

Dave McPherson – Kingdom

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Review by Joe Knipe


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