Album Review: Daudi Matsiko – An Introduction to Failure

Daudi Matsiko has made a quiet name for himself in recent years after releasing two EP’s and getting signed very quickly to bring the best of them to life for his debut album An Introduction to Failure which has finally hit our shelves.

An Introduction to Failure might be one of the most beautiful and soulful albums that I have come across in recent years. It is an immeasurably close and personal album that echoes the pains, fears and insecurities we are all faced with in life. Matsiko cuts straight through to the bone with his work in a gently refreshing manner. This is because for anyone who has ever felt these pains and fears Matsiko lets you know in no uncertain terms that you are not alone, that you can find catharsis and there will always be another sunrise. Bringing his tender and emotional words to life, Matsiko has a soft and tender voice, slightly rasped and quivering with passion and emotion. The way he sings it makes it feel as though it’s just you and him, sat quietly in your living room and that this performance is just for you.

Matsiko enhances this fiercely personal feeling within his work with a series of tender, simple tunes that are stripped back, unassuming and frequently understated. They play out like a backdrop to his lyrics that spring to life like poetry. Lead by gentle guitar medleys and softly plucked bass lines these songs hone and bring focus to Matsiko’s humble words but then out of nowhere a rich orchestral sound will swell and crash around you like a wave bringing a chill to your flesh and allowing him let his passion burst out as he raises his voice and his words to the heavens. Matsiko’s poetic songs aren’t just close and personal though, they are readily identifiable. Songs such as You Can Do Better Than Me But I Hope You Don’t conjures up fears that we have all doubtless faced within our lives with such a brutal honesty that you can’t help but be moved. It is refreshing to hear someone singing so passionately about the demons that exist within us and this raw emotion means that songs such as Sandwiches can play on your heartstrings as easily as any guitar.

An Introduction to Failure is anything but – it’s a stunning, mesmerising collection of songs that are intense, personal and thought provoking. There is a beautiful raw edge to Matsiko’s music complete with the gentle creaking of the floorboards he is singing from. Everything about this masterful album feels so intimate; it’s am inimitable lyrical and musical masterpiece that will touch the darkest recesses of your heart and leave you reeling.

Here’s a remastered version the song “Houston In The Blind” out on Naim Records.

It’s one of the songs featured on the release “An Introduction to Failure”. Which brings together Daudi’s last two EP’s.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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