Album Review: Danny Schmidt – Standard Deviation

Singer-songwriter Danny Schmidt has been bringing his unique and soulful renditions of Americana folk-country-blues fusion to the world for many years now and with each and every release he has propelled himself to dizzying new heights.

This year saw the release of his latest album, Standard Deviation. This is an album that has absorbed so much of the world around it, both good and bad. True elements of beauty are captured alongside the unexpected and unwanted but they are presented by the soft and ardent actions of a musician who seems able to balance the whole world on his fingertips. There is a soft and truly earnest nature to his work that allows him to deftly reach into your heart and pluck the strings. His music is mostly soft and gentle with lullaby acoustic guitar melodies that seem to drift like clouds in the sky and the occasional bout of dancing fiddle work and a steady supply of passionate slide guitar in the background. Standard Deviation has an almost reduced and simplistic atmosphere to it that allows Schmidt to focus your attention predominantly on his unique and rich brand of storytelling.

Carefully crafting his every word to tell a tender collection of stories that are filled with an inspiring sense of harmony and acceptance of the world in which we all live, Schmidt finds beauty in everything he does and brings this to life in his music. These tender notions that he finds are only perpetuated further by the astounding vocals that he possesses; harsh and yet soft, gravelled and yet smooth, loud and yet quiet, Schmidt has one of the most charismatic and expressive voices in his field today. He goes on further to pair this with rich, honeyed backing vocals that harmonise alongside him with an intrinsically natural feeling and lends his work an almost gospel feeling at times. The rich folk fusion harmonies that he produces in these instances are completely mesmerising as they envelop you completely.

Danny Schmidt has been a man to watch for a long time now and Standard Deviation is yet another reason as to why. A sombre and yet so soulfully uplifting album, it brings emotion bubbling forth as it washes over you like a wave. It is the rich and tender album that everyone finds themselves needing when the world is just a little bit too mad that day.

Danny Schmidt · European Tour · April-May 2019


Wed 24      NorderstedtGermany          Music Star

Thu 25       LeidenNetherlands               House Concert

Fri 26         BilthovenNetherlands          House Concert

Sun 28       PurmerendNetherlands        House Concert

Mon 29       EindhovenNetherlands         Meneer Frits


Wed 8        Glasgow                           Glad Café

Fri 10         Kirton-in-LindseyLincs.     Town Hall Live

Sun 12       Whitstable                        Whitstable Sessions @ St Mary’s Hall (Umbrella Centre)
Tue 14      London                             The Water Rats
Wed 15     Crawley                            The Hawth

Fri 17        San SebastianSpain          Altxerri Jazz Bar

Further dates to be announced

Review by Joe Knipe

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