Album Review: Danni Nicholls – The Melted Morning

Singer-songwriter Danni Nicholls is the living embodiment of ‘more than meets the eye’ as with each and every listen of her work you find subtle nuances and deeper meaning in her words. She has mastered the art of creating songs with innumerable layers of complexity and passion and this year she brings that skill to life once again with her new album The Melted Morning.

Nicholls is a natural born storyteller with a unique and personable way with words that builds up a sense of familiarity. Before her opening song Wild as the Water has even finished you feel as though you’ve known each other for years and the warming feelings that come with years of friendship seem to creep through your veins. Her rich body of work comprised into this sweet and tender album is perfectly suited to your every single day as she offers up these uniquely crafted melodies that seem to undulate and change their meaning depending on your mood. When you’re sad they lift you up, when you’re happy they lift you higher. Sometimes you find yourself concentrating on her voice, sometimes purely her lyrics and other times you’re focussed entirely on her music and you don’t hear a word. Her ability to create such a complex and emotionally charged catalogue of songs that can each define itself in a series of separate instances or together as a whole is a rare and indelible talent that cannot be ignored.

Soft and subtle, Nicholls only surrounds herself with what she needs to get her messages across. But these surroundings change like the landscape seen from the window of a speeding train. Little lilts of country infused guitar tunes flutter out around her while sombre cellos and violins echo out every now and again. You can find gospel inspirations in songs like Hear Your Voice but it’s not present in the entirety of the album. This is an invigorating and charming versatility to her work where Nicholls doesn’t allow herself to focus on any one thing but on her songs as a whole. Each one is more beautiful than the last with the rich musical renditions that seem to rise like the tide and her deep, smooth and soulful voice that rattles your heart in your ribcage.

Nicholls has worked tirelessly for several years now and produced some outstanding work but The Melted Morning really accelerates her career. It is a stunning album with a rich tapestry of sound and an even richer method of storytelling. Her voice is perfectly suited to her style of storytelling with her tender and emotional vocals shaping the landscapes she brings to life.


Danni Nicholls · UK Tour · March-May 2019


Sat 16       Luton                                The Bear Club

Sun 24      Durham                             The Old Cinema Launderette

Fri 29        Norwich                            The Octagon Chapel


Sat 6         Ardleighnr. Colchester      Little Rabbit Barn

Fri 12        London                             The Water Rats

Tue 16      Edinburgh                         Gilded Balloon Basement, The Rose Theatre

Wed 17     Glasgow                            The Admiral

Fri 19        Liverpool                           Heaven’s Gate @ 81 Renshaw

Sun 21      Manchester                       Gullivers

Fri 26        Birmingham                      Hexagon Theatre, MAC

Sat 27       Basingstoke                      The Forge @ The Anvil


Sun 19      Portsmouth                       The Square Tower

Further dates to be announced


Review by Joe Knipe


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