Album Review: Dan Korn and Joe Sharp – Polaris

Dan Korn and Joe Sharp first began working together almost 10 years ago when sharp contributed to Korn’s debut EP. This was the start of a long and fruitful friendship that has seen them release Eps and LPs and tour across the UK, Europe and America.

Despite almost a decade together and hundreds of shows, Polaris, the pairs latest release is actually their first official production as a duo. Anyone who was familiar with the pair of them beforehand is likely already well aware of the tender and soulful melodies that they provide but for those of you who hadn’t come across them before you are in for a treat. Korn and Sharp are one of those enviable pairs who just seem to have completely clicked into place, melding together to create an inextricable blend of song and sound that has to be accepted as a single point and no longer a pair. Their bond is something beautiful to behold as their gentle and intimate melodies seem to trickle around them like a gentle stream while their soft and soulful voices rustle like the breeze through the trees. Polaris is an album that feels entirely natural, as if you’ve closed your eyes and suddenly opened them again in a quaint woodland clearing. In itself, this provides you a rich sense of clarity as their emotive music whisks you away from the trials and tribulations of modern life. It is a veritable treat to behold.

Korn and Sharp both have soothing and harmonious voices which allows them to intertwine in songs like Nightmare Luminescence in an almost hauntingly tender and tremulous manner reminiscent of the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. One of the elements that makes Polaris such a stunning piece of work is how much of a presence the duo have in such a quietened environment. They keep their music minimal and concentrate instead of large grandiose folk melodies on composing smaller, quieter songs that employ the same wealth of instruments but using them so succinctly that the soundscape they paint, whilst daringly unique, is still completely secondary to their legendary harmonies.

Korn and Sharp have worked together for years and many of us have heard them combine their wiles over the years but not like this. Polaris is a stunning album with a delicate balance that feels as thought it could tip the scales at any moment. With nearly ten years in the making it’s little wonder that it’s such a masterpiece.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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