Album Review: Dale Watson – Call Me Lucky

Dale Watson is one of those rare Americana and country singers who seems to have been transported here directly from the past. But having steadfastly produced music for more than 40 years now it is little surprise that he has that depth of skill at his disposal.

Championing his own unique style of music as ‘Ameripolitan’, his is a swift new sound that incorporates an atmospheric fusion that is built around the quintessential core of country. Call Me Lucky is his latest release and it is a glorious hark back to the heyday of music. As Watson’s striking and resonant voice reverberates into life you can hear echoes of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley as his voice ignites his sound like the head of a match. His rich, baritone vocals are as deep as the Marianas Trench and as they flood his songs you almost feel your bones shaking within your body. It is this remarkable depth in his voice that allows him to flit between the moody and playful aspects of Call Me Lucky.

Watson clearly has a playful streak. There is something with the very album cover that makes you feel connected to this man and that somehow you know that he’s got a mischievous streak in there. This comes out in the form of his music which is a deftly crafted collection of hard guitar melodies and deep, thwacking bass lines that strum inside your mind. This rich sound paints a picture of swing dancers and speakeasy bars, everything about Call Me Lucky exudes a jovial sense of wonder and enchantment. These soaring melodies lift you up and set you down with a smile painted across your face.

With elements within his own brand of Americana music that carefully stamp his every chord uniquely as his own, Dale Watson is a music maestro with nothing to prove and that is precisely what he brings us with Call Me Lucky. The real joy in listening to this album is that you can hear the love that Watson has for what he does. This is him making the music that he wants to hear, and if you like it as well, then the more the merrier.

In May & June 2019, Watson will head to Europe for an extensive headline tour.

The UK dates are:

May 29            London, The Jazz Café
May 30            Oxford, The Bullingdon
May 31            Suffolk, Red Rooster Festival
June 1             Newcastle, The Cluny
June 2             Liverpool, Netherley Sports & Social
June 3             Glasgow, Saint Lukes
June 4             Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
June 5             Sheffield, The Greystones
June 6             Bristol, Exchange

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Review by Joe Knipe

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