Album Review: Daddy Long Legs – Lowdown Ways

Most of us are familiar with Daddy Long Legs but in this instance I can assure you that I am not referring to the overly annoying bugs that plague us every now and again but instead the far more interesting and critically acclaimed alternative blues band that has been tearing chunks out of the Blues scene in New York City for many years now.

They might be blues by name but they’re only partially blues by nature. Theirs is a new fusion of blues that is not experienced elsewhere within the genre as the group have carefully applied their own considerable stamp to their sound. Their latest album Lowdown Ways is an exemplary crash course in their own particular fusion which seems to incorporate equal measures of blues, rock, roots, soul and rockabilly – but in each instance they have been chewed up and spat out as something intrinsically new and as they all meld together they become something even more unexpected. The result is frankly magnificent. Lowdown Ways is as versatile and experimental collection of songs that take the passions of each member of the band and allow them to bleed together and expand, each bouncing off of the other and reverberating until a new breed of music is born.

There is a deep and guttural power that emerges from within their work as their rapidly paced songs fire off like breakneck speeding cars built without brakes. Their music is powered by fire-strike fingertips that scatter across their guitar strings with inhuman speed and consistency and topped off with rich gospel keyboard melodies and breathless harmonica medleys. This is then topped off with their own unique and inimitable vocals that seem to sit somewhere between a sing, a shout and a bark. Run this combination together and then blast it through a gramophone and you have something that is close to the raw and unkempt nature with which they sing. Their deep and almost violent passion isn’t simply carried in their music but in the harsh clashing of their voices.

Lowdown Ways is a swarth, energetic and impassioned vibrance of sound that focusses on the hard edges of genres across the board and blends them all together for an enhanced experience that can scratch your every itch.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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