Album Review: Country Lips – Til the Daylight Comes

Til the Daylight Comes is the latest album from Country Lips and it’s a toe-tapping, boot-stomping collection of old fashioned country tunes that will have your every sense tingling in a matter of minutes.

Their album opens with one of the most perfect lines – ‘you don’t have to drive me crazy darlin’, I’m close enough to walk’. This sets the bar high for what you can come to expect of the band. Country Lips have embraced every aspect of country music from throughout the years and they have adapted and evolved it to create their own unique and joyous blend of country rock that will paint a smile across your face. Their sound is evocative of sandy saloons with an ancient 50s piano sat in the corner. Rife with playful piano tunes, they also surround themselves with stunning fiddle tunes, mesmerising slide guitar and deep, jovial double bass lines to create a series of spine tingling country songs.

Til the Daylight Comes is a playful, raucous and tumultuous album that is filled to the brim with a series of stunning and versatile vocals. As stunning alone as they are apart, the muysic is lead every step of the way by a series of soft Southern accents. When they do combine however, they create perfect harmonies where their voices become totally inextricable from one another. Rich and charismatic, Country Lips are an astounding country band with as fine a blend as any whisky on the shelves. A wonderful style that isn’t heard nearly enough in modern day music.

Although their album is filled with amazing songs, Grizzly Bear Billboard might be the most exemplary with its dancing piano medley making for a perfect jaunty tune to get you up on the dance floor. Til the Daylight Comes is kind of like an offer you can’t refuse – no matter how much your feet hurt, you’ll be dancing to their tunes time and time again.

Country Lips – Grizzly Bear Billboard [official video]

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Review by Joe Knipe

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