Album Review: Cormac O Caoimh – Shiny Silvery Things

Cormac O Caoimh has been bringing his unique brand of folk fusion to the world for a number of years now. His website shop is filled with a variety of albums and EPs that show off his immense musical ability but the latest is his justifiably critically acclaimed Shiny Silvery Things.

It has been close to three years since Caoimh last released an album and it’s without a shadow of a doubt that this has been a long and arduous wait for his fans but when you take the time to sit down and listen to Shiny Silvery Things you will quickly understand why this album was worth the wait. This is an album that feels as natural as the flow of time and has clearly been allowed to progress and take shape over a long period of time. It is imbued with a deep and wondrous charm. This is largely due to Caoimh’s soft and charismatic voice. Gentle, subtle Irish tones flitter through his work and tug on your heartstrings. His voice is rich and smooth, incredibly warming and calming, even reflective. It has an element to it that is deeply familial and personal, giving you nothing but comfort.

Accompanying Caoimh’s charming and playful vocals is of course a wildly vast collection of music that draws inspiration from a wealth of genres. You can hear melodies that echo gently with folk music, country, indie, pop and even jazz. It produces sounds that shadow everything from Borko to The Dissociatives. Shiny Silvery Things is a rich collection of songs that are softly uplifting and tentatively layered with a variety of instruments and sounds. There are rich organs that give the album traces of a gospel feeling but this is alongside swooping guitar medleys and light base lines that give his work a jubilant air. There are the smooth and sultry bursts of a saxophone that dips in and out and the result is a gloriously textured sound that allows you to listen time and again, finding a different hidden gem with each song.

Shiny Silvery Things is a masterpiece that has been grown and nurtured to produce something that is unique and soulful. It is a warm and versatile album that can adapt itself to any mood. It’s without a doubt the finest work from Caoimh in years.

First Single “Second Hand Clothes”

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Review by Joe Knipe

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