Album Review: Cocos Lovers – Gold or Dust

With Gold or Dust emerging as their third studio album, Cocos Lovers are paving their way ahead in the music industry with their unique and varied blend of indie rock, gentle blues and plucky folk music, all with a slightly worldly twang to it.

It’s clear from their songs and their sounds that the group is far from forgetting their roots as a Kentish-based band, but in the music they have respectfully incorporated a blend of contemporary compositions by which they have clearly been influenced from throughout the world.  Whilst one track might contain the bluesy elements of the deep South of America, another might carry with it still an African lilt while emerging just shy of this will be a song that carries a clear and Celtic influence.  Their album is a blended and seemingly unrelated combination of worldly tunes that somehow merge into one to create not only relentlessly upbeat and jovial tracks, but an album that defies classification and could cheer even the stoniest of hearts.

A large part of what makes Cocos Lovers so special is the simple emphasis that is placed on the band as a whole.  As musicians, between themselves they utilise everything from flutes, harmonicas, banjos, trumpets, guitars and so much more to bring us their eclectic creations.  Beyond this further, with incendiary talent they have adorned this with their irresistible, rich and melodious harmonics as no less than five of their eight musicians lend their vocal talents to the songs.  Far from allowing an audience to focus their ear on just one member, this action not allow allows for a more harmonious and beautiful song, but it forces the audience to listen to the band as a whole as they become virtually inseparable from one another.  This truly allows the appreciation for just how hard this band has worked and just how much they have accomplished with this album.

With two EPs and three CDs under their belts, it’s clear to see that from their latest offering alone it’s simply not just dust that they are producing, but gold and lots of it.  This isn’t just a band for which you keep an eye on the horizon either, this is a band you go back and ransack the back catalogue too.

Review by Joe Knipe

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