Album Review: Chris Merrick Hughes – Eirenic Life

You might very well be familiar with the work of Chris Merrick Hughes from his rather extensive back catalogue and his formidable book of names that he has collaborated with over the years. Most notably you will no doubt recognise him from his work with Adam and the Ants which has produced some of the world’s most iconic songs over the years.

In the years during which Adam and the Ants has been absent Hughes has been steadily carving a name for himself as a talented and influential music producer as well as a solo artist in his own right. His latest album release Eirenic Life is a stunning composition that is comprised entirely of deep and soulful piano melodies that range from the form of tender lullabies to jubilant and resplendent tunes that seem to warm the very air around you. These carefully composed tunes are collected together in a stunning and versatile series that tell a tale without words. Scores that somehow take you down a transcendent path lit by candlelight on a soft summers evening.

The most stunning element to Hughes work is the peaceful and tender feelings that envelop you as you sit and listen. These are such tender and soulfully harmonic songs that feel as though they are being brought to life in front of you. There is a natural charm to his work that feels as though Hughes is playing and experimenting with light and shadow, night and day. This natural beauty and grace is enhanced as certain tunes give way to an almost anxious feeling of uncertainty. Songs such as Prelude/NSV have a strangely haunting aspect to them that is difficult to strictly define but they play out like the night creeping in and there is trace of the unknown that tinges the edges of his sound.

Eirenic Life is a calming and tranquil series of songs that demonstrate Hughe’s considerable talents on the piano. His rich and tender melodies fill the air around you and evoke images of still ponds surrounded by moss covered stones. This natural beauty and grace that is held within his work is tantamount to that of nature itself.

Listen to ‘Dily’s Dream’ here….

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Review by Joe Knipe

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