Album Review: Cajita – Tiny Ghosts

Tiny Ghosts is the latest offering from the incredible one-man-band that takes the form of Cajita.  This wholly natural collection of ambient melodies is as unique as a snowflake whilst retaining flickering echoes of the likes of Low, Jonsi and even shades of Iain Ballamy.

The album opens almost silently as Maybe it will all make Sense when we Grow up develops patiently into a gentle and soothing song which sets up the album with the grace and fluidity that it retains throughout.  Rather that adhering to the stereotypes cast by folk and acoustic music, or even blurring the lines between genres, Cajita instead opts to simply create his own altogether new genre as he takes remarkable, slumbering lullabies and brings them to life with a calming element that makes each and every song a pure joy to hear.  It’s a type of music you can never hear the same, a blend that can enter into your mind as easily as it can wash over you in a contemplative and peaceful blur.  Songs such as Shake and You will be Missed have a beautiful and tender pace that allows you truly appreciate the music you’re listening to.

This is a large part of what is incredibly noticeable with Cajita’s work; not only does he have a soft and distinctive voice he lends to his tracks but he has a wholly impressive tenacity and musical prowess.  The songs initially seem so calm and stoic that you could at first confuse them as simple, reflective tunes but the reality as the music draws you in deeper and deeper is that each song is an eclectic and wondrous combination of instruments that harmonise beautifully and compliment his vocal talents without fault.  Despite the more quiet, sometimes almost melancholic tunes throughout the album it can be quietly uplifting in places, especially the penultimate song Broken Glass which has such a positive message and lively pace compared to its predecessors and rouses you enough to leave you in a great mood when the album’s finished.

To hear this quality from a five piece band would be impressive, but to hear it coming from just one man with a vast variety of instruments and looping equipment is considerably more-so.  It’s a magnificent, soothing and refined collection of music that’s perfect for a contemplative afternoon in the sun.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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