Album Review: Caddy Cooper – Outside the Wire

Caddy Cooper - CoverAfter what feels like an agonisingly long wait (which in reality was really quite a short respite) Caddy Cooper is back once again with her follow-up album to Snapshot, Outside the Wire.

Outside the Wire is an audible testament to both Caddy’s immense talent and her considerable versatility as she wraps us up in a world of her trademark acoustic-blues stylings and then immerses us in a whole new world. One moment you can be encapsulated by a new slick, Americana-styled country tune such as Don’t Say We’re Through and the next you’re sucked back into a raucous, soulful New Orleans blues song such as I Be Leaving You. The album is crafted to perfection as each song dissolves into the next with a dancing charm and grace.

This album helps to capture her astounding vocals perfectly as they’re being put to their best possible use. Rich, smooth and soulful, Caddy’s vocals are never anything short of amazing. Most impressive is the sheer adaptability she holds – I Be Leaving You gives her a prime chance to burst forth with all of her raw energy; smoky, sultry and empowering her voice matches the pace of the song flawlessly. Immediately following this however is Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter which isn’t just deeply poetic and poignant in its content but also in her tender delivery. Her vocals are soft and passionate with her gentle Australian lilt ebbing into the song, giving it an affectionate nature that wraps itself firmly around your heart.

Caddy Alone is a wonderful performer and a musical force to be reckoned with but in Outside the Wire she takes her own raw power and talent and joins it firmly with a group of gifted musicians who together bring to life a charming, bouncing collection of songs to dance to. Rife with slide guitars, harmonicas, fiddles, cellos and washboards it’s a constant battle with ones self not to dance in public which is only quelled by her quieter and more subtle songs. Especially notable in presence in the album are the whisky vocals of Paul Carella who appears throughout and most notably on Further we Got to Fall; a bitter-sweet harmony between the two.

Caddy Cooper is one of the most dedicated, hard-working and talented artists on the acoustic-blues circuit right now and listening to Outside the Wire it’s clear that this won’t be changing any time soon. Her vocals are legendary, her music is exemplary and as she continues to produce such extraordinary albums it’s clear that she’ll be propelling herself to dizzying new heights very shortly.

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Joe Knipe

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