Album Review: Brent Cobb – Shine On Rainy Day

Despite being a relative newcomer to the music industry, there has been a lot of eager ears waiting for the day when country folk singer-songwriter Brent Cobb would release his debut album and none of those ears will be disappointed today. Shine on a Rainy day treats his fans to a Georgia inspired look at life from his perspective and it packs a punch with every single note.

Cobb has a gloriously old fashioned sense when it comes to his take on country music and yet he brings fresh life into it as he fuses it softly with rock and folk. His songs are rife with deftly plucked guitar strings which go hand-in-hand perfectly with his sinew snapping slide guitar and soft but eager drum beats that render you utterly incapable of remaining still. His music is deep and rich whilst carefully rough around the edges. Like the best whisky, his music is smooth but still retains that burn at the edge. Cobb brings to life a kind of country music that you seldom hear these days. It remains soft and harsh, carefully constructed with every chord and beat bursting forth, larger than life and deeply evocative. His songs have the power to transport you into his mind, his home and his heart.

Of course his carefully honed music is an exemplary thing but that can only carry a man so far – when Cobb first opens his mouth it becomes readily clear that it is his voice that is the real star of the show. Cobb wields a set of vocals that sound as though they were designed purely for his chosen vocation at birth and that there’s simply no way he could have ever walked another path in life. Rich and sweet but also deep and smokey his voice echoes forth like gunfire through a dust storm. His voice alone conjures up images of ghost towns, dust covered highways and run down gas stations and when placed with his music is becomes its own phenomena. What makes Cobb’s music so marvellous however is the versatility that it yields. It’s packed full with the kind of tunes and melodies that you can listen to anywhere, anytime to transport you away anywhere, anytime.

Cobb is a phenomenally talented and unique musician with a wealth of talent at his disposal and a finely tuned ear for making excellent music. Foot stomping tunes burst forth from Shine on a Rainy Day time and again as powerful organs are overlayed with slide guitar more addictive than any drink and then everything is elevated ten-fold by his rapturous vocals.

Brent Cobb – Let The Rain Come Down (Elektra Sessions Live from Sam Phillips Studio)

Review by Joe Knipe

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