Album Review: Blue Rose Code – The Water of Leith

The Water of Leith is the astonishing new album from the soul-catching musical venture that is Blue Rose Code. Otherwise known by his given name Ross Wilson, an immeasurably talented young singer-songwriter hailing from Scotland, Blue Rose Code is an elegant fusion of folk and jazz that warms you like the sun.

As Over the Fields opens the album you can hear immediately that The Waters of Leith is going to be subtly dominated by Wilson’s soft, Scottish lilt. His vocals are the image of perfection and sound as though they have been spun from gold. Smooth, soulful and smoky he brings an eloquent tenderness to his work that floods it with emotion. Softly spoken, Wilson’s voice is rich, versatile and luxurious – his vibrant passion for his work seeps into his every word. As his vocals meld together with his smooth brand of jazz it’s apparent that he has created a niche for himself in which his style of singing is the perfect match. As mesmerising as his vocals are however, for Blue Rose Code this is only a fraction of the battle as it’s about crafting something that is complete and that Wilson can be proud of.

Wilson isn’t afraid to experiment with Blue Rose Code to get the sound that is right for him and in a previous album …And Lo! The Bird is on the Wing, Wilson said at the time that he had produced the album that he wanted to but also felt he had cut his own throat as that album had no discernible single to release. However, it is this passion and drive to create something that touches on perfection that actually gives Blue Rose Code their own unique style. The Water of Leith is a marvellous marriage of sounds as jazz and folk come together as they have never before – bold jazz trumpets go hand-in-hand with soft Celtic folk tunes and the result is magical. Filling his music with saxophones, cellos, pianos, violins, guitars and so much more Blue Rose Code constantly feels as though there is a full orchestra at its back. The music grows, swells and comes crashing down in a flood of sound with a powerful torrent behind it. Wilson’s willingness and desire to experiment with his sound has allowed him to produce one of the most unparalleled albums of the decade.

The Water of Leith is a powerful and emotive album with a rich and sultry jazz tone that is underpinned by warming and unprecedented folk tunes. This experimental nature is paramount to the success of the album as Wilson has created a series of songs that he would like to hear and this determination lead him to produce an album that the rest of the world will want to hear too. Charming, mesmerising and quite frankly breath-taking, Blue Rose Code has been cemented as a name on the world stage.

New album out October 27 on Navigator Records

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Blue Rose Code will tour extensively around the release of The Water Of Leith, including concerts at Edinburgh Queen’s Hall on November 3London Bush Hall on November 14Perth Concert Hall on November 20 and two nights at Harbour Arts in Irvine on November 24 and 25. For full tour dates visit:

Review by Joe Knipe

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