Album Review: Bird in the Belly – Neighbours and Sisters

Bird in the Belly are a soulful and hypnotically entrancing collective that are a veritable treat for any ear. Comprising of Hickory Signals duo Laura Ward and Adam Ronchetti alongside alternative folk singer Ben Webb and the immensely talented multi-instrumentalist that is Tom Pryor; the collective take old and forgotten lyrics, poems and prose and breathe life into them once again as they lift them up with delicate and evocative melodies that will haunt your very soul.

Neighbours and Sisters is the latest album from this eclectic group of individuals and is the perfect follow-up to their debut album last year The Crowing. The Crowing was everything it said it was, it announced their arrival onto the folk scene and now that they are settled and established they are branching out once again. It is a truly unique album that treads a careful and indelible line between traditional folk, poetry and alternative music. Their melodious reveries come across in a completely entrancing manner that envelops you and whisks you away to another place. Their music is almost sparse in comparison to their general presence in the room; an understated collection of sounds that gives soft and subtle performances as softly plucked guitar strings intermingle with haunting drones and sombre beats. The result is a mesmerising performance that is both raw and powerful. Drenched in emotion, their music simply cannot help but stir something within you.

Hickory Signals Laura Ward has long had one of the most breath-takingly soulful and heart-rendingly beautiful voices on the scene and Ronchetti always complimented that but as they branch out in their new venture and Webb and Pryor join them their voices are lifted once again. Elevated higher and higher. The combined harmonies that the group bring to life could rival the seraphims. There is also another raw sense of power within their voices which is harkened by their powerful sense of minimalistic music surrounding them. Sometimes silence is golden and in stripping themselves back over and over they have come to a point where song and prose are daringly overlapping and it becomes difficult to discern what we are absorbing.

Neighbours and Sisters is the culmination of the hard work of four gloriously talented young individuals and brings you a riling group of haunting and ethereal melodies to both chill and warm your soul.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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