Album Review: Bill Kirchen & Austin de Lone

Transatlanticana very well might just be one of the most interesting musical projects of 2017. Brought to life by music legends Bill Kirchen and Austin de Lone who have come together once again, each bringing the unique and enviable talents of their own loyal band members to share more than 30 years worth of work and to pay homage to the roots they have each planted around the globe.

Despite being based in the United States, both Kirchen and de Lone have travelled the world in a variety of guises and bands, setting many a tune to record in the UK and spreading their influence across the globe, This intercontinental sense of ‘home’ is what has lead the duo to collaborate once more and create this rapturous and jauntily soothing collection of country and pub rock songs. These are men who were pioneers of their trade, who stood at the forefront of the pub rock scene back in the 1970s and helped shape music through the ages. With a background like this you know you’re in for a treat.

Transatlantica is the perfect embodiment of of the country and pub rock music that people have come to love over the years. Their music is a stunning collection of dextrous melodies that are overseen with a deep and rocky edge to them. The album provides a rich variety of music from soft and tender to the raucous rock styles you will find yourself skidding around the house to. Guitar tunes flick and lash at you like a striking snake while bass lines hammer at the door. Their music is rife with slide guitar melodies that would make the most seasoned blues man green with envy and their soothing organ medleys breeze over you like a cooling breeze.

What’s so wonderful about Transatlanticana is the fact that, to coin an old phrase, they just don’t make music like this anymore. These lively, jaunty rockabilly tinged tunes that Kirchen and de Lone bring to life are an evocative throwback to the days of fast cars, fast women and good whisky. The aural personification of the American Dream back when there was still a dream to be had. Elevating their every note is the fact that this album is carefully crafted by two of the most dedicated and inspiring musicians on the music scene today. Kirchen and de Lone’s voices float through the album, resonating out into the world like a force of nature. These are voices that flow like nature, the kind of vocals that could shape the sturdiest of boulders and refine it to a mere pebble.

It is only with the sheer number of years that these astounding musicians have spent plying their trade that talents like this could possibly be garnered. After spending more than 30 years collaborating together Transatlanticana is a culmination of decades of music condensed down to just 14 of the most jaw-dropping, boot stomping songs you can hope for. Music like this simply doesn’t come around every day.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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