Album Review: Ben Glover – The Emigrant

prpcd136-ben-glover-coverBen Glover has been gracing the world stage for some years now and after an eager wait we finally have our hands on his latest album, The Emigrant as it hits the UK shelves this year.

Glover is a unique and fascinating musician with a beautiful and harmonious blend of music at his fingertips. His album is filled with a gentle and tender series of guitar medleys as well as beautiful and warm piano. There is a rich vein of Celtic heritage that flows through his songs like a winding river. Soothing and uplifting his songs are grounded, relaxing and charming. His music traverses countries and genres with ease; songs such as Moonshiner edge his music from the traditional Celtic fused folk into Country and yet manages to retain all of its heritage charm and wonder, bring a new and beautiful sound to life.

Glover has a softly gravelled and impressive set of vocals, his voice both tender and assertive with what sounds like a slight Irish lilt to it. His words are powerful and he has been likened to Tom Waits and listening to him it’s clear as to why – never more so than in his rendition of And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda which Waits has covered himself. His beautiful amalgamation of music makes each track a true joy to listen to. His finely tuned voice has been honed over years in music; rich, gravelled and smoky he shares familiar similarities with both Tom Waits and folk hero Bob Dylan.

The Emigrant is a stunning and versatile album that sounds like a personal photo album – each song sharing with you thoughts, memories and ideas in a deeply personal way and with a whimsical musical charm that soothes your very soul as it washes over you.

Review by Joe Knipe

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