Album Review: Arcelia – Wrap Your Bones

Arcelia - Wrap Your Bones

Sometimes you can stumble across an album that makes itself very difficult to verbalise. Arcelia’s debut album Wrap your Bones is exactly such an album as there is only so much justice that a review can do without getting the chance to hear it for yourself.

Since we first heard their incredible debut EP This Time we have been expecting great things from Arcelia and after what seemed like an eternity we were rewarded when those great things were brought to form. Wrap your Bones combines everything that we have come to love about Arcelia from their astounding live shows. It is a soft and tender album, music that’s able to whisk you away on a summer’s breeze, even in the middle of a bitter winter.

Their music is subtle, sometimes understated and charmingly minimalistic, combining predominantly their deft and soothing guitar medleys with the gentle beats of the cajon with the barest flicker of a cello on the occasional track. What makes them so incredibly special however are their phenomenal vocal skills which are frankly on the borderline of indescribable. All three members of the band carry with them a unique and thrilling set of vocals which they apply at every perfect point. Indeed Simon Foster has one of the most powerful, awe-inspiring vocals that we have ever heard but so too do Gavin Alexander and Teresa Gallagher. Separate, their voices are tender, tranquil and soulful but combined they tap into a rich musical vein creating harmonies that could make a songbird green with envy.

The harmonious styling’s of the trio are soothing and rousing at the same time they breathe a fresh breath of life into even the dullest of days. Songs such as 45 Seconds and Another Song are the kind of upbeat melodies that you could play over and over and still find that each and every chord puts another spring in your step. The album winds its way through a delicate selection of songs that range from sweet, bouncing melodies to more tranquil and sombre ballads such as Save your Soul, a stunning and strangely uplifting song.

Arcelia drew a line with their debut EP which they have far surpassed with their beautiful, compassionate and pure album. It’s a perfectly selected collection of songs that can give you a boost or bring a tear to your eye in equal measure. It is a perfect blend of melancholy and magic mixed with a dash of soul.

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Joe Knipe

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