Album Review: Annie & Rod Capps – When They Fall

Annie and Rod Capps began their musical adventures back in 1982 and over the years have tried their hand at a plethora of music from folk to rock to theatre and everything in-between. The result is more than 35 years of experience and a whole wealth of genres to draw inspiration from. This is how albums such as their latest When They Fall come into being.

Annie and Rod Capps have a musical relationship that can scarcely be compared to most others as the pair seem to have a deep and intrinsic, almost psychic connection that pairs them perfectly in each and every melody. Their site bio likens this act to ‘musically completing each others’ sentences’. Even that, as apt as it is doesn’t quite do the relationship the duo share the right amount of justice. There is something so deep-rooted in their relationship that the warm and easy nature they share seems to exude in a mile-wide radius. Listening to tracks like Poor Old Me with their rich and intricate country rock melodies and heartfelt and soulful harmonies you can’t help but feel a spring in your step and a light in your heart.

The pair create their soaring soundscape with a perfect fusion of skills that can only have been born from a complete and unparalleled musical understanding of one-another. Their voices come together like courting birds in flight, drifting effortlessly together and apart time and again to create an inextricable fusion of sound that disallows the separation of the two. Annie might have a disarmingly charmed voice that could rock the foundations of your heart but Rod has the deep and resonant tones that give them credence. Each soaring fiddle melody, mandolin solo and deftly plucked guitar string is astounding in its own right but it’s how they are all brought together to create atmospheric songs like While it Lasted that really makes them notable.

The deep intimacy between these two astounding performers is visible from their performances and the music that they make is heart-rendingly beautiful. When They Fall is an album that can lift you up when you are down or lift you higher when you’re not; it’s a stunning collection of songs that are driven by a complex emotional range and two phenomenal musicians who go together like two jigsaw pieces.

Review by Joe Knipe


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