Album Review: Annie Keating – Can’t Stand Still

Can’t Stand Still is the latest release from the powerhouse performer that is Annie Keating and it is the perfect twist that you need for your day as her deep and resonant country-blues melodies envelop you and set your feet stomping.

Keating has toured extensively over the years covering America, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia and beyond. Each song that she produces in Can’t Stand Still is a true focus on her own troubadour stylings that take her from gig to gig, town to town, country to country. A ceaseless and energetic performer, Keating’s music is a rich collaboration of sound that burns like embers, ever ready for a breath of fresh air to wash over them ang ignite them once again. Her deep and evocative voice burns like hot coals, searing into your mind as she casually enchants you with her dextrous and daring melodies.

The atmosphere that Keating produces in her work is one of the most fascinating elements to her music as when she puts herself in the spotlight, the rest of the world simply melts away. That spotlight than shines on her, shines for her alone and this leaves you with a truly memorable imprint of her songs. Her tender tales are deep and enriching but coupled with virulent organs and extraordinary finger plucked guitar strings you get tales and stories that seem to be woven into the very air you breathe. Every step that Keating takes is completely natural but that’s because she is a natural born performer with a stage presence that cannot be contained.

With a versatile range of country ballads and rock ensembles intertwined with deep and guttural blues tunes, Can’t Stand Still is an EP that will get your blood pumping and your feet moving as well and providing a glimpse into the life of one of the hardest working women in showbiz, her passion and drive is what shines through more than anything and with her tenacity it’s little wonder that she can’t stay still.

Review by Joe Knipe


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