Album Review: Angela Perley – 4:30

Angela Perley has been rocking the worlds of many a fan across the globe for over a decade now and from her humble beginnings of hand-drawing her art-work on her CD sleeves to a position where she has pre-orders from clamouring fans the world over she has always been elegantly charming and charismatic.

This year see’s not only her latest release but her first solo project since she first took to the stage as Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons. Perley has long had some intrinsic element that has set her apart from other performers and her time with the Howlin’ Moons has doubtless helped to cultivate this no end but it does feel that with her production of 4:30, Perley has really pushed herself to the next level. 4:30 is packed full of a host of truly virulent country-rock ballads that feel more as if her 70s inspired folk rock vibes have been bred with the likes of the Foo Fighters. Don’t let the opening title track fool you into believing that this is a laid back album; it might open slowly and calmly but it soon descends into an album that kicks like a mule. Let Go is a rich and daring powerhouse of sound that Perley drives with all the power and tenacity of a hurricane and is a stark contrast to its predecessor.

Another stark contrast in her work is the striking gap between the powerful and tumultuous collection of melodies and her soft but emotive vocals. Without a doubt her vocals are powerful; smooth and sultry with a perfect ability to convey a range of emotions at the drop of a pin. With such a versatile range at her disposal it’s little wonder that she takes the chance with 4:30 and delves into a meandering stroll between soft and sombre songs such as He Rides High and alarmingly assertive melodies like Back in Town. This constant juxtapositioning in her work allows her to filter through a host of genres from folk to country to rock to blues on ever onwards but as she passes each element something is absorbed and carried into the next song. The result is an album that acts like an AI, an ever-expanding album that collects data from its predecessors and makes the next song better than the last.

4:30 is an album that complete immerses you in Perley’s mindset. It feels almost alive, as if it is breathing and thinking somewhere just outside of your peripheral vision. It lets Perley take you on a journey that is equal parts fascinating and beautifully inspiring; it’s an unparalleled success that showcases Perley’s immense talents.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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