Album Review: All the Luck in the World – A Blind Arcade

A Blind Arcade is the new release from the charming All the Luck in the World. The soft and tender work stems from the Irish alt-folk band who create a careful selection of music that is easy to pinpoint as the floating shapes in the corner of your vision.

As their album opens, what immediately hits you about All the Luck in the World is the warmth that emanates from deep within their music. As A Blind Arcade progresses further with a soft and undulating collection of songs it as though the sun has risen over the mountains and is flooding you and your surroundings with its dazzling glow. There is such a depth of warmth in the very nature of their sound that their music feels almost as natural to the body as breathing. Songs such as Golden October are richly evocative songs that conjure up a flood of finger-tingling emotions with their effervescent and swelling music. Soft orchestral scores gently mingle themselves with contemporary folk melodies and alternative rock tunes that seem to whip whole worlds from clouds in the sky, creating a new and exciting soundscape for you to explore.

There is a natural versatility within their sound that makes them feel as close to you as your own shadow. The music they produce flows like the tide, coming in increasingly powerful waves – one moment soft and tender there is barely a chord plucked above their gentle beat that doesn’t lead to an epiphany of sound the seems to flood the room around and lulls you into a shockingly relaxed state. Leading all of this however is the ardent and kindly vocal stylings employed by the group that seem to sit somewhere between The Shins and Arcade Fire, All the Luck in the World carve themselves an impressive niche that sounds simultaneously complex and simplistic as they bring their charming world to light. Their inimitable vocal stylings are earnest and powerful fuelled by a raw honesty that forges a deep bond between their song and the listener.

All the Luck in the Would have a unique and fascinating sound that belies their tender years. As natural and progressive as time yet with a vibrant complexity and a rich contemporary vein to their work. Somehow conjuring images of past, present and future the band produce a truly irreplaceable vibe that paints the world in a whole new light. A glorious amalgamation of all that is right with the world, All the Luck in the World are bold, honest, passionate and an inspiring image of positivity.

April tour dates in full are as follows:

8 Artheater, Cologne, Germany
9 Eldorado, Zürich, Switzerland
10 Feierwerk / Orangehouse, Munich, Germany
11 Fluc, Vienna, Austria
13 Badehaus, Germany
14 Molotow, Hamburg, Germany
16 The Islington, London UK
19 Whelan’s, Dublin, UK

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Review by Joe Knipe

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