Album Review: Alex Taylor – Debut

Alex Taylor is a refreshing new troubadour, travelling the length and breadth of the country in the pursuit of his art and with his debut album, aptly titled Debut, he proves that all his work has not been for naught.

Debut is Taylor’s first recorded foray onto the magical music scene and combines a simple and tender variety of folk songs with an edgy, upbeat sound that separates them neatly from their peers; creating a delectable selection of songs that can sway you as emotionally as they can physically. Taylor’s charismatic vocals pierce each song, extracting his hazy voice from the music and allowing the listener to appreciate not only his vocal capabilities but his moving and poetic lyrics. The tentative recording of You Saved my Life is an emotionally exemplary song, which illustrates this as it delves into a tumultuous song with which we can all connect in some way. The simple, kindly chords of his guitar are enhanced with a stirring blend of strings that blend with his voice perfectly.

His music is incredibly versatile as the album jumps from the tender folk tunes of You Saved my Life to the jazzy rendition of Stranger; a song that couldn’t be considered out of place in a dimly lit jazz lounge anywhere in the world. Enemy verges heavily on the already blurred line of folk-rock and rock as its heavy bass lines and tuneful entourage of Taylor’s guitar drag the beating song through your consciousness emphasising his talent at different ends of the scale. Despite the plethora of genres with which he flirts in Debut, the one truly consistent element within his music is a gently jazzed-up folk and roots sound that sparingly spreads itself further afield to leave no genre quite untouched upon.

The album ends with the poignantly uplifting Shouldn’t Have To, a soothing, affectionate song that helps to wind Debut neatly to a gentle close. It carries with it such a bittersweet feeling as to temporarily adorn you with slightly rose-tinted glasses, if only for a moment. Debut is a tender, varied performance that enthrals throughout and ensures that you’ll be left waiting for Taylor’s future works.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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