Album Review: ahab – Wits End

Ahab have recorded their second Album ‘Wits End’ blending Americana, English Folk and catchy pop sounds, which could easily be a sound track to a hazy 1970s summer day. They are a four piece combining blended four part harmonies, guitars, bass and mandolin. Ahab previously released a self-recorded album in 2009, and since, have played a residency at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville, where Seebs Llewellyn and Luke Price joined the band. They then returned to London and started busking, moulding their sound on the streets. In 2010 and 2012 they spent considerable time touring round the UK, Europe and Australia. BBC Radio 2 supported their EP ‘KMVT’and it achieved popularity in Denmark after Ahab played at the Tonder Festival.

The title track of ‘Wits End’ ‘Wish You’ has had regular prime time plays on Radio 2, and its memorable chorus and catchy melodies soon get under the skin. In a more sombre mood; with a haunting melody line, is the track ‘Like Roses’, which takes the listener to a more serious place. Track 6 ‘Lucy’ bounces along and you could almost driving through Nashville listening to it.

‘Wits End’ is fine effort from Ahab and is definitely feel good music which should be listened to with the windows wound down driving along country lanes.

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Review by Becky White

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