Album Review: Affa David – I Will Not Drink Where You Bled

Affa David might not have been writing together for the longest period of time but with what they’ve accomplished together with their first EP you’d never think it. While listening to their debut EP I Will Not Drink Where You Bled, the closest you could get to a negative comment is also their greatest strength – that the CD leaves you with an unquenchable thirst for more.

The EP is just a short three tracks but rest assured that you won’t mind repeating them. From the first few bars that open Bull’s Chorus your foot will tap, your neck will sway and you’ll lose all perception of space and time; it’s an easy sound to get lost in. They are positively bursting with an energetic old school bluesy style that’s simply impossible to ignore. Three incredibly distinct yet harmonious vocal styles are complimented by just a trio of guitars and an shruti box, the four of them blending perfectly together, intoning their wicked melodies into three powerful and demanding songs.

What’s most notable with their EP is that it was recorded live which has left it with a familiar, personal feeling. There is a subtle and comforting feeling to the EP, as old school as its musical sound it feels like these are songs designed for an LP. Every last detail of the CD adds to a lively, western feeling – the music is fresh, brazen, exciting and utterly timeless. Each track has a habitual feeling, evocative of saloons, six-shooters and showdowns at high noon; a beautifully constructed country blues style that leaves you disappointed to find that the feet you’ve been tapping were never clad in snakeskin boots.

The EP might only contain three tracks for now, but Affa David are exploding with talent and their future work is something to be excited by. If you decide to only buy one EP this year then let it be this one.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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