EP Reviews: Emma’s Imagination – Underway

As you sit and listen to the phenomenon that is Emma’s Imagination with her latest EP Underway, you become rapidly aware that you are listening to music, which is head and shoulders above the rest.  You’re listening to a musician who has the talent to make everything she touches as unique as a snowflake.

Making the EP instantly desirable is Emma’s clear, soft voice with its warming Scottish lilt with lullaby tones that captivates you from the start.  Her opening track Let You Go begins with a clean and simple guitar refrain that allows her voice to enter into it seamlessly but grow exponentially throughout as it gets steadily clearer and the lyrics reach deeper, her voice envelops you as it unfolds.  At times you can almost hear the faintest hint of Mariana and the Diamonds in her vocals and also in the quirky, upbeat attitude she brings to life in her music.  But alongside this she is ready enough to sing songs to touch your heartstrings gently.

With the six tracks on the EP, Emma has crafted a beautiful and versatile set for herself that allows her to switch from gentle and touching songs such as Let You Go to the imminently bouncier and livelier, almost countryesque tunes of Pour it Out.  This is closely followed by possibly the most beautiful song on the EP; an enigmatic cover of heavy metal band Deftone’s song Change.  Covering the song she creates such as unique blend that it somehow sits close to the original while pulling itself as far from it as possible.  In her soothing, folk format to which you’ll be accustomed to by now, it suits her perfectly and with the inclusion of synthesizers, it brings her into a more contemporary range than the rest of the album.  The overall effect being that she has created a truly remarkable cover that outclasses even the original.

Emma’s Imagination has started to get bigger in recent times and with Unresolved she proves to the world that this growth is nothing if not justified.  Her stunning voice is complimented beautifully by her musical choices, which accentuate the subtle nuances in her voice which might otherwise go unnoticed.  Everything about the EP is crafted perfectly and with talent like this, it’s not an EP you’ll want to miss.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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