Introducing: Paco Wolfe

12045353_1107809489237227_473739221897650977_oWhen I say to you that Paco Wolfe has come to us from half a world away, it isn’t simply a literal reference to the fact that he originally hails from Australia but a nod to his phenomenal music talent.

However, these days Wolfe has swapped the balmy beaches and murderous arachnids of his native land for the damp, drizzling grey that is our little island. But to be frank in their matter; their loss is our gain. Wolfe’s self-titled debut EP is resounding proof of that indisputable fact. This EP is a neat and tidy introduction to his music that is over all too quickly but is at least serves to prime our expectations of the great things to come.

Wolfe’s music proves to be a fascinating listen as with every note somehow manages to feel warm, comfortable, and relaxed but at the same time it sounds dextrous, complex and intricate. His deft finger picking is exemplary on the second track Million and is a perfect example of what Wolfe is capable of producing as he crafts a smooth and soulful tune that’s filled with jubilance, speed and dexterity.

His music centres heavily on his tuneful and abundant acoustic guitar but his careful choice of backing music serves to enhance the jovial and dancing feeling that his music caries within it. His songs are practically bubbling over with positivity. There is something so relentlessly uplifting about this EP; it’s soft and warm but resilient and defiant – it seems to serve as a 12 minute lesson on how to look on the bright side of life.

Overall, Wolfe is a breath of fresh air – perfect timing as we enter into Spring – his music is as warm and inviting as his native climate and between his upbeat music and charming voice he’s a bundle of easy listening appeal quite frankly.

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Review by Joe Knipe