Introducing: James Robinson

start-a-fireBrighton based singer-songwriter James Robinson first established himself as the front man of the popular alt-pop band Two Spot Gobi who have supported the likes of Jason Mraz across the world. These days however, he’s contented himself with taking a lesser trodden path and has made the jump to solo work, bearing his soul to the world with a deep and tender collection of songs.

Start a Fire is Robinsons second EP in the last few years and it is an incredible introduction to his work. His music is soft, enriched with veins of tenderness that flow throughout each and every song. His messages are carried clearly through to you but never pressed down upon you – his is the kind of music that can plant the seeds of ideas but it’s up to you to let them grow. Regardless of this tender nature, there is something jolly and playful in his music. His opening gambit, Start a Fire is a bouncing tune that moves your feet as well as your heart. His every word and chord seem immensely personal, like a secret shared. Songs such as Demons embolden this further as they whisper encouragement to you over dreamy lullaby basslines.

His songs are sweet and passionate – but more than that they are enlightening and inspirational. His each and every word is a shout out against all of the negativity in the world. His songs lash out against the sadness and misery in the world and remind you that there is beauty everywhere, especially in music. His warming vocals help to spread these messages as his voice is resonant and husky with smoky overtones. In fact his voice sounds almost like a fine wine, soothing with a little bit of a burn and pleasantly warming as it floods through you.

James Robinson is an enigmatic and engaging musician with unbridled passion and determination to see the best in the world. Start a Fire is his wonderful attempt to show the rest of the world that everything is okay.

The Start A Fire EP will be released on December 1st

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Review by Joe Knipe