Introducing: Evawolf

Evawolf are relative newcomers to the folk scene having been releasing a steady stream of singles for just over a year but this year saw the release of their debut EP Yellow Ribbon which is easily one of the best EPs to have emerged from 2017. Powerful, breath-taking and almost painfully addictive, Evawolf have rooted themselves firmly as a name to know in folk.

As their EP springs to life the first thing you notice about Evawolf is how easy-going their music is. It’s strong, tinged with rock and utterly beguiling but it also seems warming. To listen to their songs is tantamount to happiness as their music floods over you like the warm glow of a golden, setting sun. They whisk you away to another country, another world, another time. There is a deeply immersive atmosphere within their music that transports you and rocks you to the core. Carrying this jubilant sound is the earnest and passionate vocals of Joey whose warming style creates the unique and jovial atmosphere.

Their music is a harmoniously and truly stunning collection of drums, guitar, bass and violin that creates some of the most catchy songs we have heard. Their songs are peppered with deft and addictively beautiful violin scores that echo in your mind for hours after the songs have ended but this is barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their talents. Each and every song seems to swell and crash around you like a roaring ocean, becoming more tenacious and gaining more momentum with every chord they play. The result is an EP with four truly rending songs that cut you away from the fabric of reality and envelop you in the dreamscapes they weave with their words.

Evawolf are a passionate, soulful and astoundingly talented young band who have the skills required to craft the kind of songs the whole world can fall in love with as well as the talent to do this time and again. Versatile songs that elevate you and warm you from within are commonplace for them and with an EP like Yellow Ribbon to their name we can but hope they continue to produce more music like this.

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Review by Joe Knipe