Introducing: Crying Day Care Choir

Crying Day Care Choir might have a somewhat suspicious name if we’re brutally honest, but we assure you that it’s not nearly as strange as it sounds. This actually refers to the concept that a group of crying children are actually capable of creating musical harmony. This interesting concept is picked up by a vibrant and uplifting Swedish trio who are some of the hardest working musicians on the Swedish folk scene today.

Crying Day Care Choir have been concentrating on spreading their music far and wide across their native Sweden but now they have their sights set on the rest of the world and they are gradually expanding their influence further and further across Europe. They have recently released their latest single Sad Season which is named the almost polar opposite of what the song actually brings to life. It is without a doubt one of the most cheerful and jovial songs to have emerged in recent years; it’s a brilliant and uplifting tune that blurs the lines between folk and pop music, the perfect track to chase away the Monday morning blues.

The rest of their music beyond this is readily available on Bandcamp with their entire discography available as a bulk purchase for just $7.80 or around £6.37. Not exactly a bad rate for a collection of albums EPs and singles. Their music suits just about any occasion with them even having two special Christmas EPs which concentrate on their own original pieces. The band are a stunning and truly harmonious trio who meld their rich, sugar sweet voices together seamlessly. Their voices are as supple and flexible as bamboo, bending and changing to adjust themselves to their differing songs. They are equally as capable of delivering a raucous and vigorous tune as they are at creating soft and tender lullaby medleys.

The music the trio produces is a mesmeric and transfixing collection of sounds, rife with poetic songs that can melt even the coldest of hearts. Vigorous and tenacious songs bolster you; they leave you feeling the jubilance of summer. They surround themselves with almost simplistic melodies that are charming and catchy, the kind you can’t help but hum while you wander down the street. Their refreshing melodies play out on sweet guitar strings and culminate in something that feels clean and pure. Their unique sound is as pleasing as a summers breeze wafting over you.

Crying Day Care Choir are a totally jubilant band that revels in making a selection of versatile and atmospheric songs that stick with you. Like summer at the end of an earpiece the band are the perfect artists to choose if you want to chase away those Monday morning blues.

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Review by Joe Knipe