EP Review: Venture – Stay True

Venture have only been on the scene for around about a year so far and after a massive positive feedback from their performances they have finally gotten around to releasing their debut EP Stay True.

Stay True is a truly eclectic collection of songs, each incorporating a wide variety of musical styles and genres and transmuting them into something new and wonderful.  Straying from our normal folk/roots basics, here we have a sort of semi-acoustic ska offering with a rapid upbeat pace and a series of short, sharp, bursting songs that really get you pumped up.

At a little over 10 minutes there is nowhere near enough music although that’s obviously perfectly acceptable for an EP and as a taster for their eventual feature album to come.  The songs they include however are brimming with energy; melodic and catchy, and they stick in your mind without hesitation.  There is a raw acoustic nature to their music like listening to Rancid unplugged and it is completely inspirational as it practically forces the listener to up and dance.

They are clearly a tight-knit group with every instrument they can lay their hands on incorporated into their music somewhere along the lines.  With the variety of instruments and the overall acoustic sound it doesn’t feel as if their collections should work but they do, and with oh so much style.  Their stunning vocals integrate into the songs to enhance them even further with their distinctive ska-punk waverings and inflections they bring the already ample music to life and provide us with something unique and unforgettable.

Big, brash and bubbly, Venture are fantastical; musically, vocally, lyrically.  Their infectious energy draws you in within seconds and keeps you totally enthralled throughout.  We look forward to the day we get the privilege of reviewing their debut album.

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Review by Joe Knipe