EP Review: Ferris & Sylvester – The Yellow Line

Ferris & Sylvester are relative newcomers to the folk music scene but with the release of their debut EP The Yellow Line you would assume the duo have played together for decades. The EP itself is a charming and charismatic introduction to the duos eloquent take on folk and acoustic music.

What you will notice first and foremost is the soulful and heart-rending harmonies that the duo meld together and apply to tender and readily identifiable topics. Their voices are so sweet and smooth it as if they have been bathed in honey and gold. Rich and soulful, the pair each have a set of haltingly stunning voices that make your breath catch in your throat but when they combine they create harmonies that find their way right to your bone marrow easier than any cold ever has. Their rich harmonies are warming and familiar, echoes of Laura Marling and The Weepies can emerge at times while they have a playful familiarity and camaraderie not dissimilar to the Moldy Peaches.

Backing up their charming and evocative voices is a soft and dextrous set of tunes that are driven by a deftly plucked series of guitar melodies but backed up carefully and subtly by a variety of sounds from organs to brass. One of the most stunning elements of their melodious songs is the natural ease in which they are brought to life. Each and every song feels totally natural, as if it has always existed and it will always exist. It is a rich and timeless quality that is shared only by nature itself. The Yellow Line often feels as though the world is blurring around you and makes you feel as though time is no longer of the essence.

For a debut EP, Ferris & Sylvester simply couldn’t have produced anything better. The Yellow Line is a stunning and emotive collection of four slow and heartfelt songs that emerge as naturally as a breath into the air. Most importantly, The Yellow Line leaves you desperate for more. With this as their debut it’s doubtless that the duos debut album will be mesmerising.

Watch the video for their first single ‘Save Yourself’.

More info: http://ferrisandsylvester.co.uk/

Review by Joe Knipe