EP Review: Cody Pennington – To Be Me

Cody Pennington - To Be MeCody Pennington is one of the most dedicated and charismatic solo acoustic artists working on the circuit today. His unique, energetic brand of dextrous acoustic music has charmed the hearts of many and can now thankfully be owned in the form of his debut EP To be Me.

Pennington has a smooth and deeply resonant voice, brimming with a raw and ready energy that’s barely restrained and this is exactly how he performs. There is so much energy to be had in Pennington’s performances that it’s often surprising that the air around him doesn’t crackle and spark. His EP opens with the toe-tapping catchiness of I’m Afraid, a dextrous and complex finger-picked guitar medley that draws you in and envelops you in the emotive music. From this opening track it should be made readily apparent that Pennington is prone to bouts of passion, his voice bursting forth rich, raw and overflowing with emotion.

His music is wonderfully upbeat, never anything short of charming and is generally reliant primarily on his own deft skills with his acoustic guitar. What’s so refreshing about Pennington’s sound is that it’s not only in his singing that he wears his heart on his sleeve; his whole performance is powerful, drenched with passion and utterly intoxicating to listen to. He is able to take his raw, unrestrained energy and channel it into the creation of a collection of the catchiest riffs and the most tender, honest vocals.

To be Me is an exemplary EP that is able to retain a tender, emotive nature to it but is also harbouring a boundless energy that makes it so revitalising. Regardless of his sensitive lyrics his work is uplifting and unfaltering in the act of brightening your day. Having won the award for Best Male Solo Artist at the NMG Awards last year we are sure that everything he does from now on will only result in more musical gold.

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Joe Knipe