Album Review: Torgeir Waldemar – No Offending Borders

Torgeir Waldemar has spent the vast majority of his life as a guitar player for a variety of rock bands up until a couple of years ago when he took the Norweigian music scene by storm with his debut solo album concentrating purely on his acoustic talents. Since then he has been working hard to further his solo career and enhance his ever expanding pool of talent.

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EP Review: Analog Candle – Winter ’15

Winter ’15 isn’t so much a band’s release as it is a monumental landmark for a musical project that has been gathering momentum over states, countries and years. Analog Candle, a deft nod to the album Neon Bible by Arcade Fire, is the project of musical mastermind Callum Plews who has combined the talents and inputs from a variety of musicians of different talents and backgrounds across the world.

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Album Review: Patch and the Giant – All That We Had, We Stole

Patch and the Giant have been truly living up to their name in recent months, leaving giant sized footprints in each and every town they have played. After months of hard work on a collection of 12/13 songs (okay, one of them might be a secret track), all of their hard work and dedication has paid off in the form of their debut album All That We Had, We Stole.

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Album Review: Atlantic Sons – Loneliness Comes Creepin’

Atlantic Sons is the first solo project from Scottish singer-songwriter Scott Donaldson. Donaldson has been working as a professional musician in varying guises for over 20 years now, having worked with a wide variety of bands from The Prodigy to Ray Davis. However, after all these years he has finally made the decision to fly solo and Loneliness Comes Creepin’ is the result of these years of work.

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Album Review: Apple Of My Eye – The Beast Below

Apple of my Eye have three albums to their name to date, their latest offering being the absolutely incredible The Beast Below. If you want playful, funny songs then this is the album for you. If you want deep, beautiful melodies then this is the album for you. If you want a rich and tender series of harmonies then this is once again the album for you.

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Album Review: James McArthur – Burnt Moth

James McArthur has been treading the boards on the folk circuit for a number of years now and has worked diligently the whole time to produce a steady stream of music in a cycle like the seasons. After his last release close to two years ago it is clear that he has spent his time carefully crafting his latest offering – the stunning Burnt Moth.

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