Album Review: Stables – Beyond Brushes

01-beyond-brushes-artworkStables is the new alt-folk duo that is composed of Matthew Lowe from Keston Cobblers’ Club and Daniel Trenholme of The Lost Cavalry. These two have emerged this year with their new debut album Beyond Brushes.

It’s easy to say that both of the artists involved in this project come from an incredible folk music background but as each of them combines their talent with the other they have created an album that is as refreshing and delightful as an ice cold drink on a summers day. There is something jovial and playful in their songs – a bright and breezy music that is warm and uplifting – the kind of music to really get your toes tapping and put a spring in your step.

Bouncy and jubilant, as with their other bands these are two artists who aren’t afraid to experiment with sound. Utilising anything and everything they can get their hands on they really put their heads together and make some noise. This isn’t just your normal folk music, this is folk music with a kick. The album is littered with deep and thrumbling drum beats, playful ukuleles, rich brass tones, choirs, organs, xylophones and even synths as well as their bouncy and resonant guitar medleys. They practically burst to life in your eardrums and leave a pleasant feeling lingering on the top of your skin.

That might however make it sound as if their album is loud or overpowering and that is far from the case. Each and every track is perfectly honed and crafted to create a well balanced song that blends their smooth and soulful vocals perfectly with their rich and vibrant collection of instruments. Songs such as Doors are exemplary songs that wouldn’t feel out of place in an indie movie or a game like Life is Strange – things like this really give their music a playful feeling that makes it familiar and friendly; like driving home from a long trip.

Lowe and Trenholme are both incredibly well established artists in their own rights and each is armed with a myriad of musical talents and skills that they have merged together to make this picture perfect super-folk-duo and this uplifting and jovial album that will leave a smile on your lips with each and every listen. As I write this, it looks increasingly like summer is coming to a close here in England but Stables will keep that feeling alive just that little bit longer.

Watch the Official video for Stables – Be Together

Review by Joe Knipe