Album Review: Patch and the Giant – All That We Had, We Stole

Patch and the Giant have been truly living up to their name in recent months, leaving giant sized footprints in each and every town they have played. After months of hard work on a collection of 12/13 songs (okay, one of them might be a secret track), all of their hard work and dedication has paid off in the form of their debut album All That We Had, We Stole.

To put it mildly, in terms of a debut album, Patch and the Giant simply couldn’t have gotten any better if they tried. Within the first minute of their opening The Beggar’s Song it becomes clear that they are already at the top of their game; producing a stunningly mesmerising, jaunty and soothing collection of songs that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth and a spring in your step.

Path and the Giant’s eccentric collection of music is a breathtaking and astounding collection that seems to pop with every note. Cheerful, playful and jaunty they have produced a series of songs to keep you singing and dancing late into the night. They have developed their own charming blend of old fashioned folk tunes that are imbued with a wonderfully contemporary sense and then capped off with gentle nautical nods that bob about their music like barrels in the waves. Rife with rich fiddle tunes, their music seems to swirl like a vortex; the dancing tones of an accordion drift past you while deft and eager drum beats seem to burst all around you. All the while you’re being totally enveloped in dextrous and melodic guitar tunes and tender piano scores that shake you to the core. This creates an elegant yet brash collection of music that has the power to move both your heart and your body in just a few minutes of music. What breathes fresh new life into their music however is the dramatic and grandiose introduction of a remarkable selection of brass. Loud, brazen and totally jubilant, this inclusion seems almost Spanish in influence and adds an evocative nature to their nautical element, evoking images of trade ships exploring sun kissed shores.

Of course, their music isn’t the only incredible element to their success. They are lead by a set of vocals that can and will send shivers down your spine. Smooth, soulful and sincere the band is lead by the vocal charms of Luke Owen and backed up by the charming and soul-soothing voice of Angie Rance. The two have created a deeply harmonious series of songs that feel incredibly personal and yet charmingly inviting to all. Owen’s vocals sound as though they have been steeped in time itself and this has resulted in one of the most stunning collections of songs you could hope to hear. Songs such as the title track All That We Had, We Stole really are the pinnacle of this as they allow the vocals to shine far above the music that bursts forth for the rest of the album. His voice hovers somewhere between Nick Drake, Marcus Mumford and Christian Drew and is the lifeblood that pumps through the veins of the music that seems to growl around it.

Patch and the Giant are a totally remarkable band; touching, funny and playful they will leave you absolutely aching for their next album as soon as the last track has played. It might be early days for 2017 at the moment but it’s clear that All That We Had, We Stole is a solid contender for the best debut album of 2017.

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Review by Joe Knipe