Album Review: Parallel – Paper Walls

Paper Walls is the independently released debut album from Cork-based duo Parallel. The progressive sound they create is a complex blend of folk, rock, country and blues. This eclectic concoction of songs constructs an album overflowing with a broad and varying sound, but a sound unparalleled.

The overall sound of the album undulates like a flickering flame as it combines so many different genres together to create a unique and timeless quality of music that defies expectations at every twist and turn. Siren is a particularly enticing blending as it blurs the lines between good old-fashioned sing-along country music and gently sloping folk melodies. What really empowers these tracks however is the rousing vocal talents of Christine Brine. Swinging between the deep, bluesy sounds of songs like Cordell and the gentle folk twists of Up High, her voice constantly adapts and evolves throughout the album.

Brine’s strong, stirring vocals unify seamlessly with the masterful rock-folk guitar medleys of Lars English and their backing members. Each stroke of a guitar string shadows Brines vocals with expert ease whilst retaining a complete life of its own. Every song is delightfully unpredictable as the music soars and staggers, combining innovative, contemporary sounds with an almost traditional element. These foot-tapping collaborations such as I’ll Get You (in the End) are quick to find their mark in your subconscious.

The talents of Brine and English fit together perfectly, the indelible result being a catchy and enthralling album that keeps you on your toes in more ways than one.

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Review by Joe Knipe