Album Review: Lindsay White – Lights Out

Lindsay White is a singer/songwriter from San Diego who used to be one half of duo The Lovebirds but has now released her solo album Lights Out.

This album is instantly enjoyable and Lindsay is instantly likeable. Her voice grabs you from the very first line that she sings and her whole style, lyrically, sonically and vocally is truly captivating. Lindsay has a slight Heather Nova, Jewel and Ani Difranco way about her which I love.

Lyrically this album is almost like a diary. There is a lot of grief within the words as Lindsay suffered the loss of her Grandpa and her mum as well as facing other obstacles along the way. Her words make the listener, me feel less alone with the challenges in life we face or have faced such as anxiety and depression and they hold some sort of peace and solace.

I felt completely relaxed and calm listening to this album, it is one of those albums that you want to close your eyes to and listen to alone and it transports you to a dream like state of mind and I felt like I was almost drifting.

If you were to see Lindsay live then you would want it to be in a quiet, intimate setting where you could hear a pin drop and hear every edge to her vocal bounce off the walls. This music is gorgeous acoustic driven music and perfect and heavenly its simplicity and its honesty.

The first song Lights Out has a lovely piano driven melody which is very inviting and soothing sonically.

My Beast has a slight traditional country sound blended with Bluegrass and holds a slight melancholic feel to it. Both this song and Lighthouse show the side of Lindsay that suffered from anxiety and depression which is such an important topic for me as I mentioned.

The Lighthouse is a hauntingly beautiful track with somber lyrics that hit you. The melody is simple yet absolutely stunning and wonderfully chilling.

Listen to The Lighthouse here

Deep Dark Down is a down tempo, country-blues styled song with painful lyrics that a lot of us feel similar to sometimes. This song is beautiful in its sadness and comforting in its darkness somehow.

I Carry You reminds me vocally of Regina Spektor. This song has a bit more of an upbeat feel and is one of the more Folk driven songs off the album with strong elements of country.

Junkyard Dog is another slightly haunting song with a hypnotic melody which reminds me of weird dreams. The song has an old style folk way about it, a song that you would perhaps sing by the fire in a dark setting. It has a strange mood to it but in a great way.

Rubber Band Gun – a song said to be inspired by her grandparents love for each other. It is a sweet sounding tune with a whispery, ghostly feel to it.

Colder Feet – I felt this song was really quite important with its topic. The song is an apology to Lindsays ex husband as she realised quite late in life that she was gay and how her actions altered his life quite immensely. Many people struggle with coming out late not just to loved ones but to themselves too.

I just want to tell you one last thing/you were my shoulder, my best friend/

I wish I could have saved you from this pain/which my feet were colder back then”

Not A Boy follows on from Colder Feet not just on the album but in her life story. This song touches in the subject of gay marriage and her marriage to her now wife. The story is sad as her wife’s parents did not attend and she rightly states how your child’s happiness is what is Important. This song breaks my heart as a mum, I can’t imagine not being there for my child whoever he chooses to marry. It’s sad because no matter how old we are, we just want are parents to be proud of us. This is probably my favourite song off the album.

You won’t know her joy, hear her vow. I am not a boy, that changes things somehow.

Lights Out is a perfect end to the album with a really heartbreaking melody. The song, I believe is about her mother as is the song Deep Dark Down.

Over all a stunning piece of art with charming and engaging melodies. This is a fantastically written album with brave, emotive and relatable story telling lyrics.

Who needs therapy when you have music to relate to and to escape to.

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Review by Hannah Compton