Album Review: Lindsay West – No Place

Lindsay WestLindsay West is one of the most striking talents on the folk circuit today. Aside from being one half of the incredible Love.Stop.Repeat she also happens to be an outstanding solo artist and after what has seemed like an agonising and eternal wait she has released her latest EP No Place.

No Place is a five-track EP that brings to life some of West’s most popular tracks from her live performances such as Devil’s Story and Night Train which have been eagerly anticipated since they first emerged years ago. Thankfully this wait was rewarded with perfect recordings of these songs, crafted masterfully with new musical inflections touching upon the songs to flesh them out and allowing you to hear them as they were originally intended. Each song on the EP has a beautiful and soothing medley swimming within it that is only enhanced by West’s honey sweet vocals.

West’s vocals can only be described as stunning, they’re sweet and tender, tinted with emotion and completely mesmeric. She is accompanied by a marvellous collection of music which suits her voice perfectly. One moment she is predominantly reliant on her own voice and dextrous guitar medleys in Devil’s Story and in another moment she is surrounded by a gently bouncing beat in London Night. West is wonderfully adaptive as she is capable of telling tender tales with her music but is equally capable to providing an uplifting melody wry with humour.

Thankfully, once again Lindsay West has proven that her music is worth every moment spent in waiting. Each and every note has been utterly perfected prior to its release and it’s another perfect accompaniment to her impressive catalogue.

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Joe Knipe