Album Review: Hannah Aldridge – Gold Rush

Hannah Aldridge is quite frankly an utterly breath-taking performer with two incredible albums already to her name but this year sees the release of her eagerly anticipated third album Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a rich and soulful album fuelled by catchy hooks and riffs that will both rouse and lull you in turn, leaving you pumped up with a sense of mirth and an abundance of energy.

Gold Rush opens on the punchy country rock number Aftermath which formulates itself as a perfect introduction to Aldridge’s work as it’s readily apparent how it pops and crackles under the raw, electric power of her voice. Drums, bass, organs and raging electric guitars all come crashing down around you like waves on the shore and their sounds are elevated endlessly as Aldridge effortlessly blends them all together until you simply cannot imagine one without the other. This stunning collection of music is constantly winding and evolving throughout; switching out between soulful and sultry rock anthems such as Dark Hearted Woman and softer acoustic lullabies such as Burning Down Birmingham. Her music is supple and versatile, ready to adapt itself at a moments notice and with that it is able to become both soft and powerful at the same time, trapping you in the eye of a storm and leaving you encapsulated by the effervescent tunes that are swirling all around you.

To say that Aldridge has an astounding voice is really akin to saying that the sky is blue. Smooth and tender but with a warmth and depth that belie its raw power, her vocals are utterly arresting. Suited perfectly to her unique brand of country rock it is incredible and elegantly clear within her tender moments but when it is combined with her incredible powerhouse tunes and Aldridge really lets go for a moment – when that slightly whisky-rough edge shows itself – that is when you really hear something special. These combinations are what has made for one of the most arrestingly beautiful albums of 2017 so far. Gold Rush is positively bursting at the seams with the power of Aldridge’s work and yet hidden within all of that there is an earnest tenderness that cannot help but sooth you while your feet are tapping at a rate of knots.

Gold Rush is a miraculous album that is everything it claims to be. It is a heady rush of songs that will play on your mind and your heart alike; a collection of songs that richer and more valuable than any gold and unlike the previous gold rushes of history, it simply doesn’t feel like this mine is going to ever stop producing.

Watch the video for new single “No Heart Left Behind”

Hannah Aldridge tours the UK in July

July 05 – The Musician, Leicester, UK
July 07 – Bank Corner, Stoke on Trent, UK
July 09 – Blues Bar, Harrogate, UK
July 10 – The Greys, Brighton, UK
July 12 – Green Note, Camden, UK
July 14 – Community Centre, Horncastle, UK
July 16 – Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham, UK
July 21 – The Ent Shed, The Gordon Arms, Bedford, UK
July 26 – The Argyll Hotel, Glasgow, UK
July 27 – The Tollbooth, Stirling, UK
July 28 – Whem Inn, Aberfeldy, UK
July 31 – The Caledonia, Liverpool, UK 

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Review by Joe Knipe