Album Review: Frigg – Frost on Fiddles

Frost on Fiddles is the eighth album from Finland based folk band Frigg and despite the somewhat chilly title they have given it, it is as far from it as you can get. Frost on Fiddles has all the warmth of a hearty bowl of stew in the middle of a snow storm.

Over the last 15 years Frigg have been one of the most prominent producers of music on the folk scene as well as one of the most prolific. They have been working seemingly tirelessly to bring their daring brand of folk to the masses and spread their name across the globe, reminding the world of the rich Finnish music scene. From the first few seconds of the album it becomes readily apparent that their music is brazen, indominable and virtually inescapable. Try as you might you will never be able to escape the infectious whirling, twirling musical whimsy that they utilise to bring their songs to life, flooding them with character, grace and charm. Frigg opted years ago to avoid recording vocals on their tracks and so it is with an abundance of talent and charisma that the group are able to utterly transfix their audience and sent them flying through space and time. Listening to their latest album you can close your eyes and find yourselves bathed in the warm glow of a roaring log fire in a wooden cabin amidst the forest or you can awaken sat atop a snow-capped mountain, watching the sun rise. Their music is rich, versatile and overwhelmingly steeped with emotion – the kind of songs that pluck your heart strings as deftly as those of their guitars.

Frost on Fiddles is the stunning culmination of work from a group of immeasurably talented young musicians with an abundance of passion and a burning desire to bring their songs to life. Most stunning are their fiddle melodies which range from soft and tender lullabies to tunes that hit like lightning strikes with all the energy and raw power they possess. You can almost see the smoke billowing from their bows as they hurl their bows back and forth. They accompany these elaborate and charming tunes with a deep and somewhat sombre double bass and a series of zesty, vibrant mandolin tunes. Each artist brings their own skill and wealth of experience to the table and this is why you can sit back and hear each and every instrument within their work. But it as they combine their skills that the music really takes its true form, as it twists and swells it summons an almost magical feeling to their work. Playing out like a series of elegant fairy tales, Frost on Fiddles almost looks at life through the wondrous eyes of a child and adds a dash of merriment and wonder to it. Frigg are a driven band who aren’t afraid to experiment within their songs and have a flare for adding subtle contemporary twists to their inspirational sound.

Frigg have been one of the most prolific producers of contemporary folk music within Finland for over 15 years and Frost on Fiddles just puts them one step closer to global domination. The unmissable album is filled with a set of soulful, joyous and inspirational tunes that you simply cannot help but dance to.










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Review by Joe Knipe