Album Review: Crossharbour – Crossharbour

CrossharbourCrossharbour have been gaining in popularity over the last few years and just under a year ago they were able to release their self-titled debut album; a wonderful and warm Celtic infused LP filled with rich, earthy, traditional tones that allowed them to hoist traditional music into a contemporary setting.

For anyone with a penchant for the more traditional side of folk music, Crossharbour are the name to remember. The timeless quality of their music has allowed them to create an album that shows off their own inspired original material but still adopts several classically traditional ballads to bring you the music you know and love. Crossharbour is a perfect blend of old and new, traditional sounds and songs that are evocative of the rolling Scottish highlands but when juxtaposed with their original material firmly rooted in the modern day.

The five-piece band are truly inspiring and astounding musicians. The music is rich and soaring but still kept clean and simple as they employ breakneck fiddle tunes, courtesy of Sam Proctor that dance alongside the eloquent and dextrous flute tunes of Órlaith McAuliffe; all of which are fronted by the earnest guitar tunes of Philippe Barnes and the simply beautiful beats of a bodhrán from Tad Sargent. These four musicians combine to crate some of the most vivid and stunning traditional music that we have heard. Topping all of this off are the touching vocals of Rosie Hodgson, pure yet sultry, her smooth evocative voice can’t help but carry you away.

Her vocals are employed sparingly throughout the album however as it is interspersed with a rich collection of instrumental melodies. These tracks truly allow this collection of talented young musicians to show off their musical prowess. Deft songs such as The Higher Drive and Turbulence are stunning traditional tunes that they perform to the highest order, showing us that they can really get our hearts pounding. Their music constantly carries a driving and vigorous beat within it that lifts your spirits high but never detracts from the evocative beauty in their work.

Crossharbour are a driven band, full of vim and vigour. Their stunning Celtic infused compositions are beguiling, enchanting and exciting; impossible to hear without the urge to dance they have created an album that breathes fresh life into several older tunes whilst showcasing their own independent skills. Truly an album that is not to be missed.

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Joe Knipe