Album Review: Anna Coogan – The Lonely Cry of Space and Time

Anna Coogan, a former fisheries biologist turned ecological rock musician is a deeply passionate and empowering artist who has the power to turn hearts and minds with her emotional songs. Years in the making, The Lonely Cry of Space and Time is her monumental second album that tackles a multitude of issues all the while burning like a fire in the darkness.

Coogan produces music that is stunning, versatile, daring and even somewhat daunting at times – much like her, her music is unafraid, evolutionary and experimental. It stretches out in front of you like a road in the night. You’re never quite certain of which direction Coogan’s music is going to take you and this is an element that demands attention. You don’t allow yourself to miss a single beat while you ardently wait to find out which direction the album will head off in next. Perhaps it will burst to life with an explosion akin to Queens of the Stone Age or perhaps she’ll apply the breaks and you’ll hear something more like She Makes War. Coogan’s music is strong and resilient but it yields itself to something softer hidden away at its core. It’s a carefully composed collection of songs that exemplify the vigour and conviction with which Coogan sings. The Lonely Cry of Space and Time is an album that is rife with deep, thought-provoking questions on a variety of topics from climate change to the recent US election as well has having a few songs of heartbreak and love thrown in for good measure.

In The Loney Cry of Space and Time Coogan has brought to life some beautifully dark and moody rock tunes that sit alongside rocket fuelled heavy tunes and softly charismatic melodies. Her experimental nature whisks you away to unknown territories where rock, pop, folk and even opera intermingle and amalgamate to form a wholly new entity. Floating somewhere above this unique collection of music is Coogan’s evocative, charming and commanding voice. Bordering on ethereal at times, she unleashes a charismatic charm with her honey-sweetened voice that tugs on your heartstrings. Her voice is malleable and adaptable to her each and every whim. Some of her songs see her belting her voice to the stars while others give way to a full blown operatic scale and others still flutter gently out around her. Her voice is without a doubt one of the most flexible and beautiful on the music scene today.

Coogan is one of the most phenomenally talented young women in the music industry today. Her sweet and heady voice is utterly breathtaking and the music she envelops it with is hard edged collection of rock medleys that drum her thoughts and her feelings into you. The Lonely Cry of Time and Space is a truly remarkable album.

Anna is on tour in the UK for only a few dates as follows…

Check out Anna Coogan and Willie B’s new live video of “Wishing Well” featuring the fantastic Jay Kardong on pedal steel. This was filmed at Seattle’s storied Triple Door by director Chris Julian, live audio by Craig Montgomery and mixed by Matthew Saccuccimorano.

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Review by Joe Knipe