Album Review: Andrew Duhon – Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You

Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You is the marvellous debut solo offering from New Orleans based blues/acoustic artist Andrew Duhon. His distinctive vocals and heartfelt music combine to make a CD that has perfected the art of transportation itself.
This album is the perfect accompaniment to a warm and quiet summers day, allowing you the opportunity to close your eyes and be whisked away to the well-trodden streets of New Orleans; or for a long drive of an evening. Despite the upbeat nature of many of the songs, the album itself is infused with a quiet, contemplative nature allowing Duhon to really impress us with his both his lyrics and his musical abilities.
Whilst soothing and uplifting in nature, no blues album would be complete without a certain element of the sombre, in this case it’s I Miss My Home – a peaceful, reflective and sickly-sweet tale of the damage done to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Other outstanding tracks include the inspirational and strangely uplifting Scared to Death of Dying, and the harmonious, catchy Holes in the Roof.
Despite Duhon’s unquestionable ability to create a unique musical experience, one element that echoes through his music is the past. Especially evident in the track Riverman, these echoes of the past help to build the base of a truly beautiful acoustic blues album, infusing old with new and drawing a bridge between his own musical prowess and that of his predecessors.
Ultimately, this album is a much-deserved showcase for Duhon’s audible talent. As the opening of the first track kicks in with its gentle harmonica and tender organ playing it becomes quickly apparent that this CD is a labour of love with music as a deep and genuine passion, which rings clear in each and every song.
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Review by Joe Knipe